Healthy Food for Spring

Wed 4 Mar 2015 - posted by St David's Blogger

Unfortunately by now most of us have fallen off the ‘healthy eating’ wagon, but as the days get shorter, there’s no better time to fuel your body with key nutrients. 

A healthier lifestyle isn’t just made up of exercise (although don’t think you can get out of it that easily); it is largely made up of what you have in your kitchen and the food choices you make. Who says being healthy needs to be boring? Check out some of our picks from our restaurants:

1. Yo Sushi! :  A conveyer belt of pure yummy goodness. Soups, Salads, Fish and Meat they cater for all. Don’t have time to sit in?  Enjoy the healthy food from Yo-to go! 

2. Spud You Like: Thoughtful fast food. Made the way you want, using the best ingredients to give you the freshest tasting spud-u-like.

3. Fuel Juice Bar:  Fresh fruit smoothies, juices and drinks. 

4. M&S: “Eat more, not less” motto is a definite winner in the eyes of healthy eating, so there’s no need to deprive yourself of delicious foods.  

5. Pret-A-Manger: All of their food, from Soups to Wholesome Salads is freshly prepared for you on the day, meaning no harmful chemicals or preservatives are added to your food. 

6. Starbucks: Long day and need that caffeine fix? Just ask the barista to use skimmed milk and if you still need a sweeter taste swap your usual syrup for a ‘sugar-free’ alternative. Cinnamon also makes a great topper for Lattes.  

7. Holland & Barrett: Has an exciting alternative to the usual Pick ’n’ mix stand, so swap those sweets you have in your office draw (we know they are there) and choose from a variety of dried fruits and nuts to satisfy those office cravings. 

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