Summer brunch with M&S Cook-With App

Wed 24 Jun 2015 - posted by Nina Amthor

Brunch is my thing. I love nothing more than putting on a spread on lazy Sundays and sitting down with my nearest and dearest to catch up about everything that happened on the weekend. It's as if Marks & Spencer knew and when asked to test out their Cook-With app, how could I resist?

I've downloaded a lot of cooking apps before and I have to say this is my favourite.  It has a clean interface and is very easy to use, in fact unlike most cooking apps there's absolutely no signing up or registering an account needed. You just download the app, open it up, start browsing through all of the recipes and get cooking. 

The recipes are organised into categories or you can do an advanced search filtering it down to 'effort levels', calories, the total cooking time and what course you'd like. This is really useful for people who don't have a lot of time to cook or are just getting started into the world of cooking. You scroll through and 'like' your favourite recipes, then you can then amend the ingredients as to how many people you're serving and add the ingredients to your shopping list.

Whilst cooking the app lets you set timers to alert you to your cooking times, this is really helpful if you're like me and tend to get a little side tracked doing three things at once.

As I said, I love brunch. Getting some fresh flowers, putting some of my favourite music on and inviting friends over is such a good start to a lazy and cosy day. There's always lots to catch up on and laugh about when it comes to my friends. With the idea of hosting a brunch in mind I started browsing the 'Brunch' category on the app.  The category has 25 recipes to choose from but the Fruity French toast just called to me. It's perfect for summer and was very easy to prepare which is just the thing you want after an evening of celebrating World Gin Day a little too much.

I've always prided myself on my pancake making skills but I think french toast may become my new staple. The french toast was ready and on our plates in a matter of minutes, with the fresh fruit and honey it was the perfect summer dish. It was all washed down with some iced coffee that I'd made previously.

All in all it was the perfect start to a blissfully lazy Sunday that involved Netflix and my sofa. The most wonderful day.

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All photos by Nina Amthor

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