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Tue 23 Dec 2014 - posted by Kelly Allen

I have been really inspired by Emma Watson’s HeForShe speech (which can be found here and the campaign as a whole. As a mother to a girl and a boy I tackle gender inequality on a daily basis and it really is a challenge that I am still earning to overcome. 

From my own perspective, I do feel that there should also be a SheForHe campaign. In the grown-up world, I do see the inequality facing women (both in the workplace and in everyday situations) but from a child’s perspective it is actually a lot tougher in the world of ‘boys’. MY daughter, for example, can play happily with Lego, cars, construction and she can wear trousers and blue without much in the way of ignorant comments or judgements based on people seeing these things as only suited to boys. My son, however has a tougher time. If he chooses to wear a dress, don a pink top, play with dolls or ask to wear make-up, society reacts on a whole new scale.

I feel for the boys, and the unwritten rules a lot of parents make up about girls toys and boys toys, immediately creating a division from birth, which surely will only get bigger and more fragile as they grow up. So, I have been on a hunt for non-gender specific toys, toys that aren’t labelled for girls or for boys, and toys that any child and every child should have in their lives, regardless of their sex. 

So, here are my top toys…

Mothercare has really inspired me this year. They have promoted their toys with girls and boys mixing up the gender stereotypes, I love it! So my top picks from Mothercare are:

Table top art centre

This is fantastic addition to any household because it allows two children to use it and it can be stored away when not in use, saving valuable floor space. If you don’t have the room for a large free standing chalkboard then this is the ideal gift.

Little Cook Kitchen

If you have an aspiring cook in your household, then this is the gift to go for. Again, more than one child can interact with this toy, and although it has flashes of blue, the overall colour is red and perfect for boys and girls! It comes with lots of accessories so your little chef(s) can cook up a tasty meal.

Hamley’s also has a lot to offer for children this Christmas and for me the toy that steals the show has to be the wall racer car. MY children have this and it is great if you don’t have a lot of floor space, but you have a lot of wall space. It is also something a bit different and will keep the kids amused for hours on Christmas Day!

Doh Vinci decoration kit

This kit is fantastic for creative children who are able to concentrate for a long period of time. The best thing about this is that you can proudly hang it up around the house once it’s finished!

For me, the best things to buy for a child are imaginative toys, and it doesn’t get better than dressing up and make believe! So pop to the Disney Store if this is more your thing and grab one of these fantastic costumes before it’s too late!

My favourites include the Peter Pan costume, because you should never really grow up…

So, good luck shopping for the things your kids will love and have a wonderful Christmas!

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Kelly Allen

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In her spare time Kelly enjoys long walks with the family dog, writing poetry, reading a vast selection of books as well as watching lots of films - mainly zombie based, once the kids are in bed! She has a small obsession with David Bowie, Tom Cruise and the colour green. To find out more about Kelly, follow her blog here:

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