Halloween… on 31st Street!

Mon 2 Nov 2015 - posted by Kelly Allen

We had such a lovely treat arrive this week from Halloween on 31st Street. They sent us a lovely box of Halloween goodies, from hanging decorations to a wonderfully spooky cake stand.

We tore open the box with such excitement (can you tell Halloween is our favourite time of year?) and we started to decorate the house! The first item we used were called 'swirl decorations' and they consisted of dangling pumpkins attached to shiny swirls. These decorations are really unusual and something I haven't seen on sale before now. I love them and they add a bit of sparkle to the whole event!

For the bathroom we were given creepy stickers to stick on the toilet, they looked so fab, and with a husband that it pretty scared of spiders, I secretly love this decoration! We were also able to make our house look super creepy with arrows pointing to other parts of the house that are labelled with descriptions such as 'Hell's Kitchen' or 'Spooky Hall'… I love them! 

For the kids, the favourite items included the pumpkin decorating kit and the face paints! The pumpkin decorating kit was such a quirky idea, and it came just in time for us. We are away right up until our Halloween house party and so we won't have time to carve our pumpkins… this kit had enough in it to decorate four pumpkins and George and Molly loved doing this!

After we had decorated the house, the pumpkins and the toilet (!) it was time for the face paints… Molly and George had a go at painting my face and then Warren painted Molly's face. The Snazaroo paints are such high quality and everyone was able to create spooktacular looks… 

Finally we decorated the table and used the gorgeous table runner to add that creepy element to the table, it looked really good and I would definitely buy one of these… it feels like it is made to last and looks great.

All of the products we were given from Halloween on 31st Street were brilliant. They sell a mixture of quirky, gross (the toilet seat sticker!), spooky and most importantly, fun items that are all completely family friendly.

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Kelly Allen

Kelly Allen

Kelly Allen lives in Old Llantrisant with her husband and two small children. Although she is a full time mother to George and Molly, she is also an aspiring author and is currently working on her first novel. Kelly is also a regular book reviewer for novelicious.
In her spare time Kelly enjoys long walks with the family dog, writing poetry, reading a vast selection of books as well as watching lots of films - mainly zombie based, once the kids are in bed! She has a small obsession with David Bowie, Tom Cruise and the colour green. To find out more about Kelly, follow her blog here:

Kelly says - ‘I cannot wait to get stuck in, with such a varied bunch of dedicated bloggers, fans of St David’s will not be disappointed!’

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