H&M Spring has Sprung!

Tue 16 Jun 2015 - posted by Kelly Allen

The sun is shining and everything seems brighter, lighter and more fun, especially when it comes to my kid’s summer wardrobe! H&M kindly shared some samples with me to try out on my little ones, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

My children love fashion, they dress me sometimes and they do a good job! So, when their new outfits arrived from H&M I was keen to see what they thought. My little girl isn’t too keen on dresses, but when she put on the pink seahorse dress she looked simply stunning and loved twirling around in it! The cotton dress was light and airy and there is also plenty of room for her to grow into. To be honest, I thought the green sparkly cardi was going to wash her out, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it suited her. The sparkles allow the cardigan to become a very versatile item, because it could be worn in the daytime with a casual dress (much like the pink one!) or with a party dress for all those special occasions.  The whole outfit was teemed with H&M’s staple trainers in leopard print- these trainers are my favourite shoe choice for my children because they are easy to put on, go with anything, last a lifetime and come at a reasonable price!

Molly looked absolutely adorable in this fresh spring outfit- perfect for a sunny day out!

George’s outfit was made for him; he has a huge obsession with shirts and ties, and he chose to wear his own tie (also from H&M) with the lovely blue shirt, jeans and trainers. He looked very smart, but with a casual edge. His favourite element was definitely the blue shark trainers, they even had a fin at the back, which he loved!

The colours suited him and again there was plenty of room for growth, and he couldn’t stop smiling as he strolled about the place in his new clothes! He is five going on fifty, and this outfit suited his personality down to the ground. The shirt gave such character to his appearance and the funky trainers added the fun edge to the outfit.

They both looked ready to hit the sunshine in their new outfits and whilst George went out with his Daddy, Molly and I went for a sunny walk. She adored strolling through the grass and twirling around in her new clothes and laughing, picking daisies and skipping along.

The chosen clothes were definitely a hit and both came in at under £60 including shoes, which is such fantastic value. Since the clothes have arrived I had time to wash them, and I can safely say that (much like all the other clothes I buy for my children from H&M) the clothes washed extremely well. No shrinkage or bobbling in sight.

H&M have definitely hit the right spot with the mixture of classic and fun, good quality fabrics and unusual prints.

We are in love with H&M’s Spring/Summer fashion, and so will you be once you visit St David’s!

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Kelly Allen

Kelly Allen

Kelly Allen lives in Old Llantrisant with her husband and two small children. Although she is a full time mother to George and Molly, she is also an aspiring author and is currently working on her first novel. Kelly is also a regular book reviewer for novelicious.
In her spare time Kelly enjoys long walks with the family dog, writing poetry, reading a vast selection of books as well as watching lots of films - mainly zombie based, once the kids are in bed! She has a small obsession with David Bowie, Tom Cruise and the colour green. To find out more about Kelly, follow her blog here:

Kelly says - ‘I cannot wait to get stuck in, with such a varied bunch of dedicated bloggers, fans of St David’s will not be disappointed!’

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