Our Summer Staycation

Fri 19 Aug 2016 - posted by Kelly Allen

Our Summer Staycation

We went on our family holiday in June, so this summer we are heading down the route of the 'staycation' and I can assure you it's just as much fun as going on holiday!


Thanks to John Lewis at St David's we've been having a blast in the back garden this summer. Firstly, we have one of the greatest things for any child on a hot summer's day; a cool pool to play in. It may seem like such a simple idea, but when our kiddies see that pool being filled up, well there's nothing quite like the sound of their wild, screeching reaction followed by lots of splashing, sliding and yes, more screeching!

When the kids get bored of the pool (I know, it's not likely but just in case…) there's a fantastic swing ball set to get competitive with! Warren and George love battling it out against each other, not only is it fun but it also teaches fantastic hand-eye co-ordination. George really got the hang of it on their first ever game. When I played with him I am not ashamed to admit I lost- he's pretty nifty with a racket!

Another way to keep active and busy is to try out a bit of skipping. You can do it on your own or as a group and it's a great way to get your body moving. Even I've had a go!

Food & Drink

When the sun is shining you know it's BBQ time! Treat yourself to some lovely treats from M&S and get the coals smoking... Everyone loves a good BBQ, and you can cook more than burgers! Why not set up a tent and a camp-fire in the back garden and try baked potatoes, toasted marshmallows, corncob and anything else that takes your fancy!

When it's summer I think mocktails are the way to go, especially with kids in the house! Check out Pinterest for inspiration and get the drinks flowing. Kids can have a go at making their own fruit-inspired drinks before relaxing in the garden.


When the energy has depleted, there's nothing like a rest in the warmth of the sunshine. For adults, this may be relaxing on a sun-lounger or splayed out on a picnic blanket with the kids jumping all over you! For the kids it's all about playhouses, not the £300 ones that are left forlorn year after year with a family of bugs living in each corner so the kids never go back inside, but this gorgeous one from John Lewis.

You can pop it up in no time (in fact George and Molly who are 5 and 6 put it together, I'm useless at building so it made sense!) and pack it away when the weather begins to turn. It's cute, compact and George and Molly loved using it as their 'house'.

So, if like us, you've given the holiday a miss this summer, hopefully this will help you keep everyone entertained whilst at home. Besides we all know, the only thing that really matters is that you're all together.

So, happy holidays folks! 

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Kelly Allen

Kelly Allen

Kelly Allen lives in Old Llantrisant with her husband and two small children. Although she is a full time mother to George and Molly, she is also an aspiring author and is currently working on her first novel. Kelly is also a regular book reviewer for novelicious.
In her spare time Kelly enjoys long walks with the family dog, writing poetry, reading a vast selection of books as well as watching lots of films - mainly zombie based, once the kids are in bed! She has a small obsession with David Bowie, Tom Cruise and the colour green. To find out more about Kelly, follow her blog here:

Kelly says - ‘I cannot wait to get stuck in, with such a varied bunch of dedicated bloggers, fans of St David’s will not be disappointed!’

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