Rainy day fun at Treetop Adventure Golf!

Thu 16 Jul 2015 - posted by Kelly Allen

It may well be summertime, a time for relaxing on the beach or long sunny walks, but we all know how the weather can suddenly turn and you are forced to think about indoor activities for the family. What’s the answer? Why, crazy golf of course!

I have to admit, I was dubious as to whether I would enjoy the game, I was unsure what the children would think of it all, but I knew my husband would love it. When I arrived I was actually a bit speechless (this rarely happens). The effort that has been made to create Treetop Adventure Golf is unbelievable. From talking trees to smoky lagoons, this place looks and feels magical. 

We were welcomed warmly by the staff and then handed our golf clubs and balls. Gavin, the manager, explained how there were two courses, a place to have a drink and a bite to eat, and he also told us that at the end there is a chance to win a free game. Then it was time to tee off! The adventure is very straight forward, you follow the numbers and work around the course, filling out your card with points scored along the way. 

There are also handy sections where you can wait if you are behind another group, and there are a few rules to abide by to keep the route flowing along. Simple things like taking a maximum number of shots before moving on helps keep the flow of the people playing, as well as keeping frustration to a minimum (I walked away from a few areas without getting the ball into the hole). 

On our first route around we had a lady in front of us with two older boys, but instead of all of them playing, she was simply taking down the scores and walking around with them. So, if you want to take your children, but don’t fancy taking part, you can simply pay for them and accompany them around the course. This means the activities can stretch to any budget and still give you a great day out with your family. 

On our second go, we were behind a stag do, and they seemed to be having a great time! It dawned on me that Treetop Golf is pretty much inclusive of anyone, although I would probably suggest age 5 and above. There is something for everyone, and even when you are waiting for your turn (which even behind the larger groups) you can have a nosey at the beautiful decorative pieces- the quirky frogs and talking trees were amongst my favourite!

My son was in his absolute element and at age five, he was actually really good! In fact, after chatting to the staff and seeing how it all works, we are booking my son’s sixth birthday party there for him and his chosen friends. The parties are great, and you get pizza from Bellini’s as part of the package. I really cannot wait to go back again!

So if you fancy something a little bit different (that’s slightly addictive!) then look no further. You will get a warm welcome and you might even win a free game- my husband ending up winning two!

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